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mount everest asia Asia is home to many different cultures, varying landscapes, and long coastlines.  Visitors come to be immersed in the culture, to explore ancient ruins, or to see grand palaces and other unique edifices.


See the Great Wall of China that marks the border between Mongolia and China.  Visit Beijing and see Tiananmen Square, the largest plaza on earth.  Visitors will also be pleased with the opportunity to tour the Forbidden City, an imperial castle.

Outside of Beijing is Xian.  This former capital has a long history and features a terra cotta army.  The Terra Cotta Warriors were buried outside the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor.  They depict archers, officers and infantry holding actual weapons.

Hong Kong is an area that was controlled by the British for years, but now it is back under China's rule.  It is an important economic area with giant skyscrapers that rival those in New York City.  Hong Kong is a popular destination that features excellent shopping and a happening nightlife.


India's most well known tourist destination is the Taj Mahal.  This gorgeous building is a tomb that holds the remains of Emperor Shah Jahan's wife.  The grieving emperor had it built as tribute to his wife and their love.

Also in India is the former capital, Mumbai.  Mumbai is an exciting place where visitors can enjoy the food, as well as shopping and exploring the various parts of the city.  Elephanta Island, located in Mumbai Harbor, is the site of a 7th century cave temple complex.

The current capital, Delhi, is also a great sightseeing destination.  The city houses more than a thousand monuments, including the Tughlakabad Fort, the Lotus Temple, and the Humayun's Tomb.


mount fuji japan Tokyo, the capital of Japan, features several tourist destinations including numerous museums, art galleries, and temples.  Visitors can soak in one of the hot springs, climb Mount Fuji, or visit the Imperial Palace.


Nepal is located near India and its capital, Kathmandu was made famous in a Bob Seger song.  The city features several remarkable sights, including numerous shrines and temples.

The country is dominated by the Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world.  The Himalayas feature eight of the tallest peaks in the world and are popular with mountain climbers.


Metropolitan Manila is a fascinating city.  Important historical buildings sit just a short distance from skyscrapers and other important modern buildings.

Visit Fort Santiago, a fort built by the Spaniards during the late 16th century.  Today, visitors can explore the fort that now serves as a museum.  Look at the Rizal Shrine and explore the dungeons that once held hardened criminals.

See if you can catch a glimpse of the president at Malacanang Palace, the president's official residence.


trans siberian railroad russia Russia, the largest country in the world, lies partly in Asia and partly in Europe.  Its capital, Moscow, is the historical and governmental center of the country.  Moscow's Kremlin is much like a walled city and is home to Cathedral Square, Grand Kremlin Palace, several museums and much more.  At nearby Red Square, visitors can see the Eternal Flame and the guards that protect it, as well as Lenin's Tomb.

Siberia, traversed by the Trans-Siberian Railway, occupies much of Asian Russia.  Tourists can ride this famous railway between Moscow and Beijing, visiting remote areas such as Irkutsk and Lake Baikal, the Taiga Forest, and Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, along the way.


Singapore is a modern metropolis featuring well-groomed parks.  Since English is one of the official languages, it is easy for Americans to get around.  They might want to head to the Orchard Road district which is famous for its shopping centers.  Other popular destinations include the Singapore Zoo and the island of Sentosa.  Sentosa features several landmarks, such as Fort Siloso and the Carlsberg Sky Tower.


Thailand has something for everyone.  There are miles of beaches, a large tropical forest, and bustling cities.  Visitors can enjoy anything from museum tours to taking an elephant ride.  Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is home to some impressive shrines and temples.


Vietnam features more than three thousand miles of coastline which makes for many great beaches.  The country is full of museums and French colonial buildings.  Visitors will see sandstone temples, Chinese pagodas, and a few palaces.

One of the most unique destinations in Vietnam is the Cu Chi Tunnels.  The Cu Chi Tunnels is a network of tunnels that span over 155 miles.  Many of the tunnels have space set aside for kitchens and even field hospitals.  The tunnels were used in the French Indochina War and the Vietnam War.  They are located northwest of Ho Chi Minh City and visitors can actually crawl through some of the tunnels.

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