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The continent of Asia encompasses 17,333,732 square miles.  Its highest point is Mount Everest in Nepal and China, at 29,028 feet above sea level.  Its lowest point is the Dead Sea in Israel and Jordan, at 1,312 feet below sea level.  Mount Everest is the highest mountain on planet Earth, and the Dead Sea's surface is the lowest place on Earth.  Asia's approximate population in 2002 was 3,797,857,500.  Asia, the largest part of the Eurasian land mass, consists of over 40 countries, including Russia, the largest country in the world.  It is bounded on the east by the Pacific Ocean, on the southeast by Australia, on the south by the Indian Ocean, on the southwest by the Red Sea, on the west by Europe, and on the north by the Arctic Ocean.

Three of Asia's leading countries, Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines, are island nations.  The longest river in Asia is the Yangtze, which runs through China for 3,964 miles.  Asia's largest lake is the Caspian Sea, which is located in Central Asia.  At 143,243 square miles, the Caspian Sea is the largest inland lake in the world. 

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Asia political map
Asia Political Map

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Asia contains the world's highest and lowest points and some remarkable physical features and landscapes.  Here you will find the Himalaya, Hindu Kush and Karakoram mountain ranges as well as well-known rivers such as the Yangtze, Tigris-Euphrates, Ganges, Indus and Mekong.  Asia also features the dry Gobi Desert and Arabian Peninsula deserts as well as frigid Arctic Ocean islands and tropical Indonesian islands.

The largest city in Asia is Tokyo, Japan; other leading cities include Beijing, Shanghai, Delhi, Seoul, Manila and Tehran.  Popular travel destinations include Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand.  United States travelers often fly to Asia via United Airlines.  Other choices include Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, Air India, and Korean Air.  Three excellent sources of Asian news and analysis are CNN's Asia News, the New York Times' Asia page, and BBC's focused Asia and Middle East sub-sites.

Asia History and Antique Asia Map

This Asia history page provides an overview of Asian history and culture from ancient times to modern times.  This vintage map of Asia shows the continent of Asia as it appeared in a 19th century atlas.

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